February 25 2018 0comment

BLACK LINE compression fittings

We are the sole distributor for Plastica Alfa products. Its BLACK LINE compression  fittings are used to connect polietylene pipe (LDPE, MDPE and HDPE) and also PPR pipes to supply pressurized (up to 16 bar) and not pressurized fluids; they are especially used for potable water supply in aqueducts and civil installations, irrigation, firefighting systems, geothermal systems, to convey waste and industrial water and compressed air.

BLACK LINE compression fittings materials Body: black polypropylene (PP) Nut: blue polypropylene (PP) O-ring: nitrile rubber 70 Shore (NBR) Cliching ring: acetal resin 9(POM) Reinforcing ring: stainless steel “AISI 430″