Lifting & Safety

SERVETECH prides itself as a unique one-stop shop for all lifting and safety equipment which find widespread applications in various industries.

We supply quality wire ropes and wire rope slings, chain slings and connectors, webbing slings, hooks, shackles, trolleys, chain blocks, clamps, pallet trucks, safety harnesses and other PPE. In addition, we also fabricate nylon and PP mooring tail, safety net, cargo net, and scrambling net for marine application.

Servetech recognizes that  the safety of employees is of great importance to an organization and appropriate equipment ensures an ideal and safe working environment.

In addition to a quick and efficient delivery service, all equipment supplied are supported by adequate certication from Testserve Physical and Mechanical testing-our entity for inspection, testing and certification of loose lifting equipment. Testserve has been accredited by local and international certification bodies as well as government and statutory authorities.

We are constantly adding to the vast range of lifting and handling units and endeavor to keep all the equipment and products up-to-date. The lifting and safety division, in line with Servetech’s philosophy, alwys strives to meet and exceed our customers’s expectations.

Lifting Services

SERVETECH has a well-equipped and sophisticated rigging department.

It has a fabrication facility located in the heart of Dubai, where the splicing for both metal wire ropes required for the construction and marine sector; fibre rope tails and stretchers for the shipping industry ate being carried out.

The wire rope splicing unit has various swaging machines to splice wire rope. Normal aluminum splicing, steel ferrule and flemish eye splicing is also being done here. We do the socket type end terminations required for the ropes of any size. All the slings are fabricated as per the latest BS EN standards.

The facility has an-house tensile testing machine for the testing of fabricated wire rope slings. The slings ate tested for safe working load, proof load and break load in this machine on a random basis.

Our fibre rope splicing section is most advanced and capable of doing any type of splices as per the customer demand. We make the normal mooring tails, tails with thimble eye, splicing on 3 strand ropes, manila ropes etc., We also fabricate the special endless slings on the fibre ropes. The double stretchers with reinforced thimble and master link (mainly used by the tug boats) are also being done here.

Servetech is also capable of doing splicing works for wire ropes at offshore facilities. We do splicing of wire ropes on board for ships, which wish to change the eyes of the old ropes. We also help our clients in installing the wire ropes on their winch at side (Both offshore and on shore) on demand.

We have a set of LEEA qualified engineers with the TEAM CARDS who supervises all fabrications works. They are also responsible for conducting tests on the slings, tails that are fabricated in our facility. No slings/tails leave the workshop without the stringent testing by our test engineers.

This makes sure all supplies of lifting items are superior in quality and safety.