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March 11 2018 0comment


We are the sole distributor for VIRAX TOOLS. VIRAX is committed to ensuring the total, continuous satisfaction of it’s end users by calling upon decades of experience of offering high quality products and solutions to it’s users and partners. This is accomplished by exceeding expectations in terms of performance, reliability, ergonomics and design. On a […]

March 05 2018 0comment


SERVETECH is the sole distributor for SAB products. SAB has commenced the Rioflex project in 2015, with the aim of creating a manifold pipe specifically designed for drip irrigation systems. Rioflex is made of polyethylene, a well-known material,     renowned for its virtues. Rioflex is strong and tough, but light and flexible as well. Polyethylene […]

February 25 2018 0comment

BLACK LINE compression fittings

We are the sole distributor for Plastica Alfa products. Its BLACK LINE compression  fittings are used to connect polietylene pipe (LDPE, MDPE and HDPE) and also PPR pipes to supply pressurized (up to 16 bar) and not pressurized fluids; they are especially used for potable water supply in aqueducts and civil installations, irrigation, firefighting systems, […]

November 18 2017 0comment


SERVETECH MEGT LLC is the preferred distributor for STAR Gmbh, in the Middle East markets. STAR manufactures special Fabricated Fittings, Level Invert Tee, Special Bends and Other Fitting with a pressure rating of upto PN16.  STAR can also supply Electrofusion Couplers upto 1200mm.

November 02 2017 0comment


Electro fusion, butt fusion, socket fusion and extrusion machines are some of the fusion       machine in our vast product range. We have a full range of manual, automatic,  semi automatic and CNC machines for joinning polyethylene pipe and fittings from 16mm – 1200mm dia. We provide a convenient source for Hdpe Fittings, Pipe […]

October 28 2017 0comment


SERVETECH MEGT LLC is the preferred distributor & service centre for RITMO, in the Middle East markets. RITMO is a world leader with over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of plastic welding equipment. Products range includes butt fusion, electrofusion and extrusion equipment. Ritmo is also providing a complete line of accessories and useful […]

October 21 2017 0comment

Advance Welding

We are the sole distributor for  Advance Welding, Electrofusion Welding Equipment for the utility, industrial and building markets. Electrofusion welding is the process of joining two plastic pipes together using a single use coupler that has an integrated wire heating coil. Advance Welding designs, manufactures and sells the complete range of Electrofusion Welding Units for […]

October 07 2017 0comment


SABTAPE: SabTape is the driptape for drip irrigation produced by SAB, designed and built to be a high performance product, thanks to its large section labyrinth, which ensures a turbulent flow of water, and a high resistance to clogging, SabTape provides crops with a uniform distribution of water and fertilizers, with runs amongst the best […]