QHSE plays an integral role in the sustainability of our success and our long-term reputation. The well-being of our employees and clients, the care of the environment and our commitment to quality are matters which are at the heart of our business principles.

It is the policy of Servetech to provide the highest quality products and services. We recognize that client satisfaction depends on the quality of service we provide, and to this end, we work hard to improve our performance and exceed our customers’ expectations. In addition to the fulfilment of our regulatory requirements we practice the following objectives in close cooperation with our customers, partners and contractors:


Servetech ensures that all activities necessary to design, develop and implement our products and services are effective and and efficient with respect to the system and its performance.


Servetech strives to conduct all its activities in such a way as to prevent harm to the health of its employees and stakeholders.


Servetech endeavors to avert any injuries at work by raising the awareness of personal safety within the workplace and by reducing risks to prevent incidents.


Servetech aims to protect the environment by minimizing the environmental impact of its activities and products.

Our Goals are:

We WILL maintain the highest quality product and service possible;
We WILL cause ZERO harm to the health of employees and shareholders;
We WILL complete our work with ZERO accidents
We WILL cause ZERO harm to the environment.

The commitments listed are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with our internal standards, as well as with all applicable laws and regulation.