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August 06 2017 0comment


SERVETECH is committed to being the supplier of choice through product and service excellence. Trading of pipe line products is one of our core business areas. Our portfolio includes a wide range of construction and building materials, marine and oil field supplies and other related products. SERVETECH MEGT LLC is the preferred distributor for STAR […]

July 22 2017 0comment


Watts Drainage Products FD-100-C-FC epoxy coated cast iron floor drain with anchor flange, reversible membrane clamp with primary and secondary weepholes, 1/4 in. (6mm) thick (specify diameter) adjustable nickel bronze strainer with surface membrane clamp, and no hub (standard) outlet. Watts Drainage RD-100-CP epoxy coated cast iron roof drain with flashing clamp with integral gravel […]

July 16 2017 0comment


We are the sole distributor for SYSTEM GROUP’s Futura & SAB HDPE fittings like Compression  Fittings, Electro Fusion Fittins, Butt Fusion Fittings, Clamp Saddles, Fittings Plug & Play, Repair clamps. These products are suitable for use with polyethylene pipes PE80, PE100, LDPE, with nominal pressure PN4, PN6, PN10, PN16.  We can also supply “NO-FIRE” GULLEY […]

July 11 2017 0comment


Servetech Group provides nonpareil services in the field of TRADING & ENGINEERING,  serving both the domestic and international sectors. Servetech will constantly optimize the utilization of its resources to ensure the highest quality standards of its products. We are the sole distributor for BAK plastic welding equipments, Extruders, Heaters and Blowers. BAK are the solution […]

June 27 2017 0comment

Fusion World

FUSION JOINTING MACHINES Electro fusion, butt fusion, socket fusion and extrusion machines are some of the fusion machine in our vast product range. We have a full range of manual, automatic, semi automatic and CNC machines for joinning polyethylene pipe and fittings from 16mm – 1200mm dia. Our machines are capable of fusing or welding […]

June 17 2017 0comment


Test Plugs and Inflatable Air Bags suitable for all types of Pipes in the Construction, Civil Engineering, Water, Sewerage, Gas, Oil, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Food Processing, Pollution Control, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Ship Repair, Mining and Quarrying. Manual Drain Cleaning Equipment and Pipe  Tracing Dye.

June 11 2017 0comment


ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is an extremely robust thermoplastic pressure pipework system. It is resistant to impact with good resistance to chemicals and is non-toxic. ABS is a lightweight thermoplastic piping system that offers excellent strength and durability even at temperatures down to – 30°C. Servetech supply ABS pressure piping in PN6, PN9, PN12, PN15, […]

June 01 2017 0comment


SERVETECH group specializes in piping and rigging solutions for plastic and metal systems. The team is involved in designing and developing a wide choice of products and services with the main focus on engineering, innovation and Trading. Servetech is the authorised distributor for complete range of DKYi Valves & Controls. DKYi  bringing solutions in drinking […]

May 30 2017 0comment

Coestherm Hexa Multilayer Pipe

SERVETECH MEGT LLC is the authorized distributor for COES COMPANY, in the Middle East markets. COES manufactures PP and PE pipe and fittings for drainage applications, PP-R and PE-Xb/AL/PE-HD for pressure applications. Coestherm Hexa Multilayer Pipe is the innovative range of multilayer pipes made of PP-RCT proposed by Coes for the supply of hot and […]

May 17 2017 0comment


SERVETECH MIDDLE EAST GENERAL TRADING LLC is the preferred distributor for NUEVA TERRAIN, in the U.A.E. NUEVA TERRAIN offers a complete pipe system in PB and PVC, prepared with superior technology, and constant service. This is all based on new design R&D and new technical applications based on high die-cutting technical capacity and the production […]