Manline Rope

Manline Rope (For Nets)

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Manline Rope

It is a common rope which is most widely used in various purposes such as fishery,
cultivation, ships and above land
Although the rope is somewhat rigid, it has excellent wear resistance and also has
satisfactory fracture resistance
Floats on water because it is light, comprising synthetic fiber ropes and is most
resistant to acid, alkaline, oil and solvent, etc.
Manline Rope
Mooring, Haswer
Fishing (gill net, trawl net, round haul net, fixed net, trawl, etc)
Various types of nets (cargo net, safety net, hatch net)
Above land (grind mill ropes, industrial materials, agriculture, forestry)
Fish trap (crab, eel, blue crab, octopus, snail, etc)
Cultivatio(seaweed, oyster, laver, sea squirt, etc)
Cargo Work (sling, container bag, etc)
Used for various purposesFor polypropylene ropes by Manho, various types of ropes such as HI-MAN, MANLINE ,
Multi and Film, etc are manufactured.

Specific Gravity : 0.92- Floats on seawater
Temperature Used : Stable up to -30~100 ℃ .Melts at 162℃
Ultraviolet Ray : Satisfactory when UV 0.2% processed
Internal Chemical Properties : Most resistant to acid, alkaline and oil, etc