Servetech is committed to being the supplier of choice through product and service excellence. Trading of pipe line products is one of our core business areas. Our portfolio includes a wide range of construction and building materials, marine and oil field supplies and other related products. We also maintain our own logistic support centres in all GCC countries to ensure prompt delivery.

We are regularly adding new products to our vast product range and we constantly endeavor to keep all the equipments and product up-to-date. A long-term commitment to customer’s aims and collaborative approach to solving problems are fundamental to the way we work. The strength of this approach means we are well-placed to understand our customers and apply our engineering and manufacturing expertise to help them in delivering their goals.

Pipeline Products

We supply a wide range of pipe lineproducts in metal: such as cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, mild steel, and carbon steel pipes. Our plastic pipe supply includes: UPVC, HDPE, PP-R, PEX, CPVC, PB, PP, ABS, PVDF. We also supply fittings, valves and other pipeline acces-sories to suit the above piping systems, Air/dirt separators, lint and oil interceptors, penstocks.

Building Materials

Our supply includes manholes and gully covers, channel and gully gratings, drainage accessories, clamps, sanitary and bathroom fittings, plastic finishing, electrical cables and accessories.

Our trained staff can assist with all specific application, chilled water, chemical transportation, fire fighting and high purity pipelines to name a few. Our range of industrial supplies are provided below:

Pipe & Tubes

Ductile iron pipes & fittings, forged pipes &tubes S.S / C.S/ M.S/ G.I Pipes & Tubes, Alloys Pipes & Tubes.

Sheets, plates & coils

S.S.Sheets, Plates & Coils, alloys steel sheets, plates & coils

Flange & Pipe Fittings

Forges flanges & pipe fittings, S.S/C.S/ M.S/ G.I Pipes & Tubes.Industrial valve & pump: cast carbon steel/ stainless steelcast steel/ cast iron.

AEG (Automation Engineering Group)

Total automation service provider and specialized in project management for the industrial automation system. Our world class services includes automation installed base services for various makes of:

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), Distributed control system (DCS), remote terminal units (RTUs), variable frequency drives (VFD), and LV electrical system etc.

Equipment Trading & Technologies

We are the providers of custom-built solutions in the field of security sustem integration. We undertake all requirements such as supply, installation, testing and commissioning of:

All Extra Low Voltage ( ELV) systems, IT solutions, vehicle tracking management, solar power (industrial and commercial) and also annual maintenance contracts (AMC).


Servetech prides itself as a unique one – stop shop for all lifting and safety equipment which finds widespread applications in various industries and also includes a well – equipped and sophisticated rigging department.

We supply quality wire ropes and wire rope slings, chain slings and connectors, webbing slings,hooks, shackles, trolleys, chain blocks, clamps, pallet trucks, safety harnesses and other PPE. In addition, we also fabricate nylon and PP mooring tail, safety net, cargo net, and scrambling net for marine application.

It has a fabrication facility located in the heart of Dubai, where the splicing for both metal wireropes required for the construction and marine sector, fibre rope tails and stretchers required forthe shipping industry are being carried out.

The wire rope splicing unit has various swaging machines to splice wire rope. Normal aluminum splicing, steel ferrule and flemish eye splicing is also being done here. We do the socket type end terminations required for the ropes of any size. All the slings are fabricated as per the latest BS EN standards.

Our fibre rope splicing section is most advanced and capable of doing any type of spliced as per the customer demand. We make the normal mooring tails, tails with thimble eye, splicing on 3 strand ropes, manila ropes etc. We also fabricate the special endless slings on the fibre ropes.

Civil & Structural

Our principal activities till date comprises of residential, commercial and hotel buildings, schools, hospitals, palaces and residential villa complexes, electrical substations, district cooling and pumping stations, control buildings, treatment plants and water and sewage pipelines.

Our in house engineering resources consist of highly qualified and experienced: Civil and mechanical engineers, foremen and technicians, estimators and quantity surveyors, HSE engineers and inspectors, quality assurance & quality control engineers and inspectors.

Servetech provides its clients with comprehensive civil and electro –  mechanical engineering construction services via expedite and cost effective solutions.