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Kan-therm from Poland manufacturers INOX stainless steel pipes and fittings from 12mm to 168.3 mm with a fast and reliable press connection capable of conveying fluids at 16 bar. The system permits a very quick assembly for pipes and fittings over the entire product range. KAN-therm Inox pipes and fittings are made of thin-walled steel, which significantly decreases weight of individual elements and facilitates system assembly.

Kan-therm Inox may be used for central heating or cooling, hot and cold water potable systems, fire protection systems, compressed air systems, cooling water and industrial systems as well as heat pump systems.

The advantages of the Kan-therm INOX system are a quick and reliable system assembly without welding and twisting, a wide range of sizes and working temperature range (-35°C to 135°C), pressure resistant up to 16 bar, compatible with plastic and metal systems, lightweight, awesome aesthetics and resistant to mechanical damage.


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