Servetech, a leading name in the field of engineering, now showcases both “In – house” and “On Field” engineering capabilities with an aim to provide total piping solutions.

Our In-House Engineering team stands firm by the company philosophy of offering goods and services that meet and exceed our customer’s requirement.

  • All products supplied and services rendered by Servetech are guaranteed by strict quality procedures, excellent technical support and performance warranty.
  • Our comprehensive pre and after sales technical support assures our customers of an unparalleled service.

Other than the standard products like grease traps, dry manholes, long radius bends, puddle flanges, perforated baskets, we also manufactures special fittings like manholes at various angles and special GRP wrapped headers to suit all site requirements.
Servetech is also involved in fabricating GRP laminated fittings, velocity breakers, mixers as well as on – site lamination for manholes, fittings and piping systems.


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